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Our specialized call center

Medical call center 

Customer satisfaction importance has risen over the past 5 years, though online customer service is satisfactory, Call Centers are deemed a necessity in any institution that aims to build customer loyalty through providing maximum customer support when needed, yet maintaining such a service is a tremendous amount of stress for a management to handle, and this is where we come..

With our experienced team always ready to handle a call center in any given field, our IT Team is available 24 hours for technical support and for medical call centers, our team of physicians and healthcare providers are given a condensed training on our medical diagnostic system, patient management systems, and customer behavior/service.


Being the first company to offer a medical-based call center, our medical consultations agents provide patients non-diagnostic guidance, to ensure that the patients are directed to the specialized clinic, saving hours of waiting and queues to the wrong clinic. We also offer quick access to an emergency line that aids emergency cases with life-saving measures until they arrive at the ER. On the other hand, we ensure that the clients are offered the best quality of customer service to meet their ultimate satisfaction with a new customer service experience.


By managing and monitoring the performance closely, providing summary reports for overall statistics of workload, redirecting patients to the correct department, reporting complaints, savings lives where possible, we help organizations improve, develop and achieve maximum utilization.




Easily integrate your own CRM, ticketing, ecommerce, and loyalty systems to have insight into relevant customer information in one place.

Automated Routing

Route customers to the most appropriate agent at the right time and automate tasks.

Analytics and Reporting

Optimize your team’s performance and customer conversations by analyzing message status, agent status, conversation assignment, and more.

Handle more queries from a single interface

Empower agents in handling multiple simultaneous queries by introducing messaging channels over a single interface. Boost productivity and performance with analytics and reporting tools that help you identify and address bottlenecks. Keep your contact center operating and agents active anytime, anywhere with your contact center in the cloud.

Technical call center

Certivalue is the solution provider for CertiPort in Saudi Arabia, which is the leading provider of certification exam development, delivery, and program management services in 148 countries and 26 languages.

It has a history of helping people succeed through certification since 1997 and is now the leading provider of certification exam development, delivery, and program management services. Delivering millions of exams each year through the secondary, post-secondary, workforce, and corporate technology markets in 148 countries and 26 languages.

CertiValue and J-tech have collaborated together to help employees and students in Saudi Arabia to get their credentials from CertiPort to further enhance their work path and knowledge. Combining innovative, communication technologies and latest software we were able to reach more clients, close more deals and upscale the efficiency. 

From the get-go we’ve worked to establish an exceptional sales team and technical support team with the mindset to expand in a rapidly growing market by combining our expertise in customer service, marketing and software solutions to help reach new clients and retain current clients. 

As a CertiValue partner, we aim to expand our partner services with the help of our outstanding sales team along with a dedicated team of certified experts in technical support is ready to provide any technical solution to ensure that our partner deliver his service hassle-free. 

Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service including sales agents and technical support team who have been trained on a high standard strategy.

We deliver an always-on support and guidance from our sales and technical support engineers to help to close deals, retain clients and find leads.

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