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Electronic archiving systems are used to store, index, classify and manage electronic documents and data while ensuring their retention and integrity throughout their lifecycle. It meets regulatory compliance requirements in that stored data can’t be modified or corrupted, enabling it to be produced as a certified copy of the original for audit or legal purposes.


We can help you throughout your electronic archiving project, from defining which data to retain through to the operating procedures required to ensure its long-term integrity.

How we can help you?

Classify data to store

Together we define the type of data to retain, the characterization fields and the retention strategy to adopt (legal versus business archiving period, accessibility and data protection).


Install and configure your electronic archiving system

We advise you on how to maximize the protection of your most sensitive data by helping you to choose a solution, configuring standard electronic archiving system tools or developing specific features (for added security).We integrate your electronic archiving system with your business applications, developing connectors for easier exchanges as required.


Define operating procedures

We define the operating procedures needed to ensure data durability and long-term integrity.



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