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Clinics & Hospitals Management System (CHIPS)

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Clinics & Hospitals Management System (CHIPS)

Healthcare providers facing a great challenge in dealing with patients and their medical records, which may be summarized in three points as following:

Healthcare Providers Depend on Manual Patient records
Patient Experience in Waiting 
Physicians Lack Data and analysis of their own business

J TECH Solution:

A system That contains all patient files with Lab results, scans and can be connected with Medical Devices
A System that can hold reservation slots, physician availability and exceptional situations,
A system that generate a flow of reports and information Accurate enough to increase profit.

Clinics & Hospitals Management System (CHIPS)

Clinics & Hospitals Integrated Patient Services is a fully automated medical solution that is designed to provide healthcare entities with the required tools that aid in transforming the organization into a paperless one, while achieving maximum customer satisfaction, for both the client and the patient.

The development of CHIPS has been done by a team of highly qualified physicians, developers, designers, expert, analysts and experienced technical teams working together to develop up-to-date integrated user-friendly, cost-effective systems, paired with the technically advanced futuristic work models.

CHIPS made managing and monitoring the clinics an easy task and wondering where to be become less of a burden, by integrating the clinics together, the client can have access anywhere to the appointments schedules and patient medical records. 

Our system also provides reports and dashboard analytics that reflect the performance and areas that need improvement within the entity.

Main Features

Doctors Profiles
Clinics Schedules
Booking Appointments
Electronic Medical Records
Doctors Dictation
E-prescription (Integrated with Pharmacy)
Billing System
Queue Management System
Quality Surveys
Interaction SMS
Detailed Reporting with patient journey

Our Benefits

Streamlined Workflow
The most apparent benefit of CHIPS is that it streamlines your workflow productivity. Creating an environment of fast-paced efficiency throughout your scheduling, billing, and intake processes.

Improved Organization
Creating a tailored workflow for your practice, CHIPS can keep you organized, allowing your practice to keep track of every detail. 
Increase Quality of Patient Care
By optimizing your administrative processes, providers can better focus on their patients. An increase in administrative burden can quickly lead to burnout amongst your team., CHIPS can remove some of this burden, and return the focus to the patient. With an increased focus on those coming into your practice, providers are able to offer better, less distracted, patient care.
Enhanced Automation
In 2020, automation is everything. Automated tools like scheduling, intake, insurance verification, and more enable your team to their job.
Improved Billing
With our integrated technology, providers can more easily verify insurance, verify eligibility, and collect on patient payments at the point of contact, This protects your organization’s payment better than ever before, helping you grow your bottom line.
Efficient Reports
Documentation tools are non-negotiable in our system through accurate fully detailed medical reports and patients files. These kinds of features are what help your team do more with their time while feeling less stressed about their job. Efficient reports enable your team to work more accurately and efficiently.
Total Integration
our system is fully integrated with any other practice technology. Your practice should not have to jump from solution to solution to get the information and tools you need.
Improve Patient Satisfaction
Lastly, CHIPS can improve patient satisfaction. By simplifying a number of different processes and digitizing inbound inquiries, your patients have a better experience. Which makes it easier for patients to schedule, pay their medical bills, and more.



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