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Queue Management System (QTECH)

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Queue Management System (QTECH)

QTECH is an intelligent queue management system developed to deliver a smooth customer journey through providing a seamless customer flow.

Designed to organize a large number of customers visiting your touchpoints by engaging and providing detailed instructions to customers in their journey, while measuring and presenting detailed customer journey reports for better decision-making and bottlenecks identification.


QTECH easily integrates with all available systems and equipment such as digital signage, printers, tablets, QR and barcode readers, and mobiles to weave the ultimate experience. 

And it is also fully customizable to serve all business needs including various sorting models as first come, first served, pre-scheduled appointments, or more sophisticated models.


The system also provides audio and visual effects for customers with a user-friendly interface for staff and managers, and through integration with reservation systems and customer surveys systems an exceptional customer experience will be achieved.


J TECH provides for the healthcare sector its intelligent solution, which is specially designed for effective management of patient flow in outpatient clinics. 

The system is designed to organize and solve common problems of handling large number of patients attending in the OPD.

It incorporates advanced technologies for data communication, control and display, ensuring excellent reliability.

Reduction in work load of hospital staff

Effective time management for doctors

Smooth sequential patient flow

Convenient and transparent queuing for patients

Easy ticket printing with queue directives.



Key Features:


• Hardware independence – install on any kiosk, screen, audio equipment, etc.

• Web-based/Cloud based system - No software installation required

• Scalable to any number of branches, departments, lines and agents

• Fully customizable models – First come, first served, pre-scheduled queue,

  waiting lists, etc.

• Easily integrate with any system through APIs

• Engaging and entertaining customers with digital signage

• Display extra service/room information on digital signage

• Works with QR and barcodes readers for speedy customer serving

• Alerts – send online messages indicating long waiting times, or any other

  rule-based alert to display onscreen or send by email / SMS

• Integrates with call manager for generating automated calls

• Predictive Analysis & Customer Journey Mapping

• Provides performance insights via reports and dashboards


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