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Catering Management System

Specially designed for effective management of catering. 
The system is designed keeping in mind the common problems of handling large number of customers.
It incorporates advanced technology for data communication, control and display, ensuring excellent reliability.
Reduction in workload of catering staff.
Effective time management.
Smooth sequential flow.
Easy ticket printing with queue directives.
System Features :
JTECH Catering Software provides an all-in-one, fully integrated catering management solution, to be able to manage your on-site customer requirements for online ordering in one central system.
Tailored to your customers’ needs. Employees at each company can simply select their office and place orders through the centralized solution.
Our implementation team will configure your menu in a ‘best practice’ format that will increase sales and give you the tools to ease further updates. managed by the admin user interface.
CAMS incorporates advanced technology for data communication through a web-based application and Mobil Application, control and display, ensuring excellent reliability.

System Objectives:
Automating the order tacking process and provide a real time tracking, monitoring, and management tools to the end customer through the mobile application screens.
Providing a real time notification module and an informative monitoring tool for the catering operation staff and management.
Providing an easy management for dietary staff meal creation and classification.
Organizing the delivery process in a systematic work flow.
Automating order taking and collecting the end customer feedback through the mobile application.
Driving the system activities under multiple organizations with private accessibility for each account moderator.
Provide an informative reporting system for your operation management.

System Benefits:
- Process Automation:
Multiple business organizations can be managed smoothly through the system with private data accessibility for each branch with advanced bulk management for all accounts by your business administration.
- Process Integration:
Deep integration with the inventory data to automate the communications between the financial, administrative and operational processes by unifying the data source and achieving a real time data synchronization.
- Monitoring
System records an exact date and time for each step in the order cycle from the creation to the delivery step to be shown on a simple progress line for tracking by all the system stockholders from the end customer to the high management, and this also may reduce the customer inquiries and enhancing the staff performance.
- Increasing Efficiency
When the dietitians, stock managers, chefs and runners have the right tools to support how they work; your operation will run more efficiently.
- Excellent Reliability
System provides a real time notification for all engaged users with any actions or updates in the order cycle, stock balance, meal schedules, time changes and delay alarms.
- Stock management:
System provides total quantities for food materials needed to prepare the full catering menu plans which is very useful for calculating these needs on daily, weekly or monthly bases which cumulates with the current inventory system to achieve an effective tool to manage your stock according to those Estimations.
- Reporting:
Catering management system has reporting features that allow you to keep a close eye on daily orders, staff performance, meal schedules, process steps and customer feedback.

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