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Business challenges
Running a successful business isn’t always easy, especially if your business is a part of the healthcare industry.
Cause the core of your business is the patient 
Your customers can be some of your most valuable assets because of their enthusiasm for the service. If they love your service and the experience they have with your service agents, they’ll be sure to tell their friends about it. However, this is also true for negative experiences. To keep your brand reputation positive, you must prioritize customer satisfaction.
So customer satisfaction is one of the most important challenge for our partner in growth, SGH 
SGH believes in patient-centered, high quality Healthcare, it operates according to standardized international parameters. 
Therefore, they have other important challenge, they have time challenge 
Time is one of our most precious commodities, and none of us want to waste it. For organizations, wasted time is money, but even more importantly, it can impact other areas of the enterprise – from inefficiencies across the business, a drain on employee productivity, or worse, employee burnout.

Why SGH chose J technology
We are a team of physicians, along with a group of highly qualified developers, designers, expert analysts, and experienced technical teams, worked together to develop comprehensive medical and business solutions through intelligent systems that are designed to fulfill clients’ needs as well as maximum customer satisfaction
One of our main work strategies is focusing on time-savings so, when it comes to their documentation and workflow needs,
They seek powerful new tools, like our queue management system, to help increase productivity. And these time-savings mean they can give their employees back time – more time to focus on clients, customers.

Implementing the first medical call center in Egypt at SGH has a great effect, reflecting in both challenges, customer satisfaction and time saving.
Using professional calibers and advanced reservation system present a harmony of efforts resulting in documented statistics for patient satisfaction and upgrading the service level that met the global standards
we can clearly find that results in: 
Maximization of the OPD utilization 
Helping the decision makers with the accurate data in the professional  reports 
Monitoring of OPD clinics smoothly.
In addition to the smooth patient journey inside the OPD starting from answering all his inquiries with a highly qualified agent, and dealing with an advanced queue system during his visit that makes his experience the max.