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Business challenges

The trend worldwide now is to move towards paperless organization, Egypt also started to follow the worldwide guidelines and began to work on these parameters in their environment 
Another problem faces physicians in organizing patients’ schedules and reservations for medical examination, which is a culture we crave for, but we don’t afford to apply it. 
The patients today are the first exposure to medical health providers are searching for alternative means that provide them with less waiting time, more delicate service and more elegant way to handle his health. It is not like before that it is necessary only to check the vitals, but it is now a new trend to examine my temper in a luxurious way.
Another Scenario that faces said korraa hospital faces is the ability to connect and conclude each output from a different
scanning medical device into one patient Electronic medical record, leaving each device or group of devices generating its own reports to be manually collected later in the patient profile.

Why Said Koraa hospital chose J technology

We offer our trusted cloud-based practice management system CHIPS that brings the medical practice to a new measure.

CHIPS is a fully automated medical solution designed to provide healthcare entities with the required tools for e-Managing medical practice that will maximize patient satisfaction, save time per patient, and hence increase profit.
CHIPS provides easy interfaces, 24/7 Accessibility, and integrates easily with other vendors.




Said Koraa hospital implemented CHIPS to manage its OPD reservation, patient records, reporting, and analytics. The smooth transformation of data across the hospital, giving comprehensive, up-to-date sales information to all managers and doctors, As a result, time saving value appears in high reservation rate and customer satisfaction obtained.

Achieving good quality ratings, being able to send and receive patient information and medical reports electronically always gets a higher preference over others.

Improved clinical decision-making, by using detailed system reports that make sure the operational and clinical decision-making process is fast, accurate, and efficient. With an easy, single view availability of data points, doctors and medical support staff gets facilitated.

CHIPS offers a better-concerted atmosphere between doctors, patients, hospital staff, groups, and managing workflows And tracking the accurate details of staff availability, operational information.