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Business challenges

A typical claims registration process is replete with huge paperwork, is data-intensive and is often repetitive in nature, which results in loss of time in claims resolution as well as create unwanted inefficiencies. It is also seen that assignment of claims adjusters often result in further inefficiencies as claim adjuster’s assignment is highly dependent on their availability, prior workload and location data. Human handling of claims is bound to be slow and regressive as huge amounts of time is spent in preparing data as opposed to analyzing claims, which if left to the new technologies, can drastically solve the issue with ease. Fraud detection is another aspect where the new technologies promise huge potential to reduce cost for insurers and help prevent huge sums in fraudulent claims.

Why Medmark chose J Technology

We developed the claim assessment application used by Medmark, and it has been running in the company for 10 years now. We also developed their CRM and their website, while currently working on updating the old applications, as well as providing them with our consultation services.



Increased Productivity, as manual methods are extremely time-consuming and are much more likely to result in paperwork and other administrative errors.

Claim assessment eliminates the need for these manual methods altogether. It reduces errors, saves time, and increases the accuracy of your data.

Reduced Costs, providing the ability to increase efficiency by streamlining the claim's management process.

Customer Satisfaction by providing fast and efficient claims processing services.
Helping to encourage customer loyalty by allowing you to quickly and accurately process client data in order to resolve claims as fast as possible.