114 Joseph Tito St., Nozha, Cairo, Egypt

About Us

who we are

We Integrate Intelligent Ideas & Methods To Deliver Solutions

We provide a winning value proposition to our customers, by offering top of the line optimized systems in a timely manner for business and medical sectors.

  • Analyze and study your business opponents and identify all the problems that might occur.
  • When we develop, we always take in mind the performance and the stability of the solution and the ability to maintain it.
  • Analyze your business professionally and turn it into a digital solution.
  • Use cutting edge technologies to achieve our task.
Why Choose us

We are Hard Workers & Meet Client Needs Ensuring Quality

We offer more than we promise

Because we think differently and always have new ideas, we give our customers new ideas related to their businesses and provide them with solutions that could open more doors and maximize their profits. We also can help our customers to identify their problems and provide them with a digital long-term solution that puts an end to their problems.


We care about you

Relationships with our customers do not end once we deliver their product or service, we make sure that we always stay in touch and get their feedback. Our team of professionals is always ready for any inquiries or requests the customer may ask for.


You are always up-to-date

Because J-technology uses cutting-edge technologies to implement our customers' solutions, you're always in a safe position where you get the most performance and secured services or applications, With J-technology you are always up-to-date.


Best Support

We Are Innovative and Creative

J-Tech Foundation

J-technology was founded in 2012, providing web-based solutions, call center services, digital marketing, custom web applications, and other marketing services to organizations ranging from small and medium businesses to publicly traded corporations.

From the beginning, J-technology has been driven by the desire to create an environment that fosters personal growth and development and to be an industry leader, J-technology has enjoyed strong growth in each year of operations.


Our Values

We believe that success is a reflection of the company culture and inner values
and in order to deliver the exceptional customer experience we seeded the
following values in our company:

Customer oriented organization
Appreciation of innovative ideas
Automation of every process
Support of personal development
Team work
Friendly environment
Employees are the most valued


These values guide our decisions, how we build teams and our product.


Put customers first

Always dig deep



If it could be better, change it

Commit and follow through



Bring out the best in others

Growth is a shared responsibility



Listen, speak up and risk being wrong

Default to transparency



Find ways to give back 

Do the right thing


Our Vision

Providing the medical and business solutions in Egypt and MENA by  presenting an Egyptian business role model that fosters international  standards/technologies.


Our Mission

Empowering businesses and individuals with innovative software and  business solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and support, while  continuously improving our products to meet the evolving needs of our  clients. 



Goals for Business Organizations:

Provide organizations with web solutions and business automation systems that best fit their organizational needs into becoming a full technologically integrated organization.

Establishing automated systems for office and workforce management including employee’s payrolls, attendance, appraisal forms, self-service, etc.

Facilitate communication between employees and upper management.

Reach the required audience through innovative digital marketing and campaign ideas.

Establish and maintain call centers that introduce maximum customer satisfaction using strategies that utilize customer service.

Goals for Healthcare sector:

Provide essential tools and systems that facilitate the transformation of clinics and hospitals into computerized systems.

Maintain high-quality call centers that provide patients with required life-saving measures until they reach medical professionals, Guide to appropriate specialized clinics and around the clock supervision, reporting and follow-ups on customer complaint.

Establish an online link between healthcare providers and patients, allowing individuals to access their bookings and clinical schedules while assisting when required in reservations, cancellations and inquiries. These systems hold patients’ investigations, medications and records while allowing the patient to access medical records virtually from anywhere.

Clinics are presented with queuing and doctor-patient tracking systems that help maximize utilization of capacity while decreasing waiting time.

Systems are provided for individual customization to provide statistical reports on workload and performance while linking hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies by automating patients’ medical records and providing a reliable database source for analytical reports and patient monitoring


J-Tech Team


We're lucky that the people at J TECHNOLOGY are not only superb at their jobs, but are a reliable, friendly bunch who leave egos out of the equation.

Assembling a team is not about filling seats—it’s about finding people whose individual talents and demeanor complement each other. Every member of J-technology team brings something unique to the table. From day-to-day brainstorming through execution, our collaborative process results in work we’re proud of.

Since 2012, we are a team of physicians, along with a group of highly qualified developers, designers, expert analysts, and experienced technical teams, worked together to develop comprehensive medical and business solutions through intelligent systems that are designed to fulfil clients’ needs as well as maximum customer satisfaction


Company Structure

We are a team of highly qualified physicians, developers, designers, experts, analysts and experienced technical teams working together to develop up-to-date integrated user-friendly, cost-effective systems, paired with the technically advanced futuristic work models.

Our clients based in Egypt, Africa, and the MENA region are offered a variety of services including, but not limited to, websites, web-based solutions, mobile applications, business intelligence solutions, call centers and a wide range of consultations in terms of business plans, processes, marketing strategies and project management.

J-technology team constructed the first medical call center in Egypt, which is a collaboration between a team of compassionate healthcare providers and customer relations agents, aiming to facilitate healthcare and achieve patients’ satisfaction.